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We often hear of passionate chefs, full of vigor for cooking. Like many, Chef June started young. Yet, for her, it wasn’t just a fiery hunger to become a great chef.  She began cooking out of deep compassion and empathy for her grieving mother after the tragic loss of her older brother. “I’ve been cooking my way through grief since I was 7 years old,” says June. Through this labor of love, she discovered the healing power of cooking.

As a mother she, of course to great delight in cooking for her kids. Following in his mother’s footsteps, June’s son also developed a great passion for traditional home cooked Italian cuisine.  The two began nurturing a dream of opening a restaurant together. However, a few years ago June lost her son in a sudden accident.  “You never heal from this.” June lamented.  June’s eyes watered as she describes the part of her healing process that involved healing through cooking for a large group of her family and closet friends. Again she cooked, and cooked and began to heal through making others “feel the love” in her dishes.


In an attempt to comfort his grieving wife, Greg, affectionately known as “the Builder”, took June out to enjoy an in-home-dining experience. That night, June found the inspiration she needed. Within a week, she was serving 5-course elegant dinners in her home. Soon it was 32 people sitting around 10 tables each weekend. With infectious energy, she pushed, marketed, cooked, plated and fed.


chef-june-at-mfIf you’ve never seen Chef June’s IG gallery, you have to check it out.  You can almost smell and taste her food through the screen.  I’m sure her 18 hundred followers agree. Yet, it’s not until you meet her that you’ll really come to know why her cooking is truly revered as a labor of love.  I met June at the Marra Forni plant outside D.C.  Greg was happily learning to cook pizzas along with his wife whose laughter filled the demo kitchen.  At this point, Chef & The Builder were already proud owners of a Marra Forni oven. “This purchase meant a lot to me,” says June. “Pizza was my son’s favorite food.” We talked, we laughed and we cried, as June expressed what really motivates her to put her heart into every meal.


chef-june-meatballToday, she cooks every kind of meatball, pork chops, eggplant parm and of course, gourmet Neapolitan pizza in her brick oven. Whenever you’re in Jersey, prepare to be taken care of at Chef June’s new boutique restaurant:


Chef’s Table Clinton | Chef & The Builder

10 East Main St.

Clinton, NJ 08809





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