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Going International with Marra Forni

Now that it’s officially summer, many people are going international and jet setting off to wonderful vacation destinations. Foodies should not be surprised to find a Marra Forni en route or while on their trip because we are all over the country and the world. We have locations in Canada, Mexico, Europe, the U.A.E., Japan and more.

Toronto is a beautiful city to visit in the summer, especially now that Pi Co. has opened.  It launched on June 6th to a reception of lines around the block and one hot feature of Pi Co. is that they allow you to craft your own pie! In 90 seconds! Owners Marc Askenasi and Sam Hazan spent a year traveling, researching and training with world-renowned chefs to get to this momentous point of  serving up the city’s best and fastest Neapolitan pizza experience. Here are some fun snaps from that day.


DesanoPizzaBakeryYou may find us at your airport’s dining concourse before you step on the plane. We can be found at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport’s DeSano Pizza Bakery. People have even written to us after they caught our iconic oven in places they never thought we would be. It’s always great to hear how eating at that restaurant made their travel experience better.

“I was waiting on a flight recently [at Fort Lauderdale Aiport] and stopped at this pizza place and, low and behold, there was a Marra Forni oven working away. I have to say that it was a really good pizza and everyone that I saw and asked agreed it was good, especially for being in an airport.”

– Catherine D.


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