Marra Forni mixers are very well-suited for making soft doughs. The shape of the tool and its bowl allows the dough to become oxygenated quickly without warming up. Because the forked mixer prevents heating of the dough, it yields a final product superior to that offered by other mixers. Let your oven cook your dough, not the mixer!

Marra Forni Mixers Layout

Red Outline in illustration indicates optional removable bowl and lid, available on models 12-44.


  • stainless steel frame, bowl, fork and tool-holder shaft
  • bowl is covered in transparent poly carbonate for 25 and 35 models. grill is stainless steel for 60 and 80 models
  • chain drive system is made using trapezoidal belts and independently geared speed reducers for the bowl and fork
  • rotating parts are assembled on ball bearings
  • models 35, below require 15 amp; 60 and 80 require 20 amp
  • electric system and safety devices meet european regulations