Marra Forni spiral mixers are the ideal machine for restaurants, confectioners, bakeries and domestic use. Take advantage of our range of sizes, from 5 kg to 60. Although forked mixers are superior for high-hydration doughs, spiral mixers allow you to mix wider varieties of dough. Both mixers produce better gluten development due to a lack of heat, but spiral mixers cut your mixing time in half.

Marra Forni Spiral Mixers Layout

Red Outline in illustration indicates optional removable bowl and lid, available on models 12-44.


  • models from 12 to 44 kg are supplied with wheels and brakes
  • stainless steel frame, bowl, fork, protection cover, and tool-holder shaft
  • standard timer from 12 to 60 kg models
  • rotating parts are assembled on ball bearings
  • chain drive system uses a geared motor
  • electric system and safety devices meet european regulations