Commitment to order after talking to our sale/engineering teams


AutoCAD drawing for approval and revised as needed


Project approved and shipped


• UL-1978 Standard, Grease Duct for liquid tight joints and 2000°F for 30 minutes
• ULC-S662, (Canadian) Standard for Factory-Built Grease
• UL-2561 Standard, 1400F Chimney Listing/ ULC/ORDC959 Industrial Type 760°C Chimney
• UL-103 Standard, Building Heating Appliance Chimney Listing
• ULC/ORD-C959 Industrial Type 540°C Chimney
• UL-103 Standard, Additional Positive Pressure Listing
up to 90” W.C.
• UL-103 Standard, Additional Type HT Listing, 1000°F and
2100°F for 10 minutes
• 0.035” Thick 444 stainless steel inner liner, 1.5” ceramic fiber blanket compressed to 1.25”,
and 430 stainless steel outer jacket with all stainless steel supports and accessories.


All required UL Listing
All stainless – even the supports
Best Warranty – 25 Years
We have in stock – 6″ through 18″ diameters, standard 5 days or less shipping
Best Stainless – Type 444 stainless inner, better than 304 and 316 stainless
Best Insulation – 1.5″ thick SuperWool Plus compressed down to 1.25″