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Product Overview

Engineered specifically to accommodate high-volume pizza making of a true pizzaiolo.The Marra Forni Rotator is the most versatile, durable and easy-to-use brick oven on the market. The Marra Forni Rotator Brick Ovens is available as either Gas burning only or a combination of Gas and Wood burning. You can even maximize your kitchen space with an Enclosed Facade configuration. Your oven, your choice!

Standard Features

  1. Touchscreen
  2. Dome Terra Cotta Finish
  3. Turbo Burner
  4. Durable Proprietary Brick Deck
  5. Door
  6. Stainless Steel Flue Collar/Adapter
  7. Steel Stand
  8. Powder Coating
  9. 2 Year Deck and Dome Warranty
  10. 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

Optional Features

  1. Custom Tile Application
  2. Integrated Exhaust System
  3. Exhaust Fan
  4. Stainless Steel Mast/Stand
  5. All Fuel Grease Duct
  6. All Fuel Grease Duct
  7. Gas Burning Accessories
  8. Aluminum Oven Tools


Marra Forni products that feature these logos meet rigorous standards for electrical safety and electromagnetic emissions. The acronyms are as follows:

UL: Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
CSA: Canadian Standards Association
ETL: Formerly ETL Testing Laboratories, now Intertek Testing Services
CE: Conformance European

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