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2016 Summer Hot Shots

Marra Forni is proud to announce many new restaurant and mobile ovens that have kicked off nationally (and internationally with Pi Co.) this summer:


13413507_824143907717191_7914564398341479643_nThe first one we want to highlight is Cinque Terre Ristorante which launched June 8th in Amazon’s Doppler Building in downtown Seattle, WA. Brothers Leo, Salvio and Roberto Varchetta embarked on this venture following their love of the Riviera’s Cinque Terre region. Chef John Neumark is running the culinary show and featuring local seafood, complemented by gourmet Italian pasta and pizza. They hosted a wide reception of people from all over that couldn’t wait for them to open.


timber-pizzaTimber Pizza Co. hitched their new oven to the back of their truck on June 9th and started dishing out pizza right away. They make stops all around the Washington, DC metropolitan area including schools like DC Prep SE Campus. They continue to use their oven to spreading the joy and reward of quality pizza.



13417626_1134054213334087_5977523347730308749_nTo jump into the summer atmosphere, New Columbus Pizza Co. in Pittston, PA received their mobile Marra Forni on June 10th. Chef Tony Cerimele has been rolling ever since.





A couple members of our mega-franchise family have continued expanding into the summer months. 1000 Degrees Pizza unveiled their newest restaurant in Gilbert, AZ on June 16th and PizzaFire has restaurant openings spanning from June to August. They’ll soon be in a city near you with recipes as unique as a Falafel Pizza.


medusa_bake_0719_1200On June 17th, the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA got new life with Medusa Pizzeria. The Villico family built it from the ground up and it’s their first restaurant to feature a wood-fired oven. We’re happy they chose us to be their first.


13532790_1297510263610111_6337202771311653099_nAnother Philadelphia-based family restaurant, Pizzeria Vetri, has made giant moves this year with Urban Outfitters. A Marra Forni sits front and center inside their newest location, which opened June 27th in Washington, DC. Marc Vetri is chartering new ground with a retail and restaurant partnership and we support them all the way.


Floyd&CoJune 28th, Floyd and Company Wood-Fired Pizza and Specialty Market in Kingman, AZ let patrons in on their one-of-kind creations. While they have pizza and real pit BBQ, they’re constantly evolving their menu.


13775553_694758943998663_5702155442158105293_nThis week on July 20th, Persona Wood Fired Pizzeria opened a new location and are proving themselves to be top contenders against the heavy Chicago pizza competition.


This is not the end for our summer of hot shots. On July 30th, Big Bon Pizza will have a huge launch party in Savannah, GA putting their new mobile oven to the test. Pizzeria Manninos in Pitman, NJ and Moroso Wood Fired Pizzeria in Waco, TX are also expected to open soon. In August, we anticipate the arrival of Modern Market in Bethesda, MD and HalfSmoke in Washington, DC. HalfSmoke will definitely be giving the famous Ben’s Chili Bowl a run for their money. Cane Rosso in Austin, TX will open this summer with it’s ice-cream neighbor, Cow Tipping Creamery, already breaking in the building.


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