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Commercial Rotating Pizza Oven

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artisan built

Built Brick-by-Brick


Fully Customizable

Italian design

Italian-Inspired American Craftsmanship

Fast-Casual, Franchise, Chains, etc...

There's a Rotator brick oven for any Restaurant or Pizzeria

Rotator RT90

Commercial rotating oven for mobile operations such as pizza trailers and food trucks. Cook up to 10 pizzas at once.
  • 90 cm rotating cooking deck
  • Gas or wood fired
  • Enclosed facade available

Rotator RT110

Rotating pizza oven for fast-casual, small to medium mom-and-pop business operations.
  • 110 cm rotating cooking deck
  • Gas or wood fired
  • Enclosed facade available
  • Pass-thru available

Rotator RT130

Great for Universities, Hotels, Stadiums, etc. This rotating deck oven handles 12 pizzas at once.
  • 130 cm rotating cooking deck
  • Gas or wood fired
  • Enclosed facade available
  • Pass-thru available

Rotator RT150

Commercial rotating pizza ovens for chains and franchises where performance is critical.
  • 150 cm rotating cooking deck
  • Gas or wood-fired
  • Enclosed facade available
  • Pass-thru available

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About The Rotator

Marra Forni’s Commercial rotating pizza oven is engineered specifically to accommodate high-volume pizza making. It is the most versatile, durable, and easy-to-use commercial brick oven on the market. The revolving pizza oven comes with the most high-tech standard features currently available in the market and could be used for far more than just pizza. In addition to the rotating deck, this rotary pizza oven is highly customizable with an additional Turbo Burner, Integral Exhaust System, Custom Tile Design, and many more. Wood-fired burning and Gas fired burning options are available to meet the specific needs of your commercial restaurant oven.

Loved by Pizzaioli and Chefs Worldwide

Marra Forni Customers Who Love Their Rotating Pizza Ovens

Big Bon is a client of Marra Forni that uses our commercial rotating pizza oven

Big Bon

Georgia, United States.

Marra forni customer hampton social club using our commercial brick rotating pizza oven image

Hampton Social Club

Illinois, United States.

Marra forni's client travelers insurance using commercial rotating pizza oven image

FLIK Hospitality Group

New York, United States.

image of urban bricks using marra forni rotating pizza oven commercial image

Urban Bricks

United States

90 second pizza is a marra forni customer using commercial rotating oven

90 Second Pizza

Washington D.C, United States

customer of marra forni, Angels pizza using our commercial revolving pizza oven image

Angels Pizza

United States

Marra Forni customer piacevole commercial rotating pizza oven image

Piacevole Cancún

Cancún, México

What Makes Our Pizza Ovens Special?

Building rotating pizza oven brick by brick

Built Brick By Brick

Each oven is hand-made in the USA, and built brick-by-brick using proprietary materials imported from Italy. The revolving deck features formulated porosity refractory bricks, able to sustain temperatures exceeding 950°F.

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Fully Customizable

Customizable features are tailored to fulfill all your business wants and needs. The exterior tile selections come from our standard tile selection. The accessory items will help increase production and efficiency.

image of a rotating commercial pizza oven deck

Lower Labor & Energy Cost

Reduce energy expenses with our rotating pizza oven’s 84,000 BTU per burner and automated touchscreen features. The user-friendliness eliminates the high costs of hiring expert pizzaiolos, thus lowering labor expenses.

Introducing The Touchscreen

No technical skills, no problem.

  • Auto Curing

    Reduce errors and increase the lifespan of your Marra Forni Rotating Pizza oven.

  • Auto On/Off

    Save labor cost and never waste time reaching temperature in before you open.

  • Flame Indicator

    Limit human error with the high/low flames indicator.

  • Multi-Languages

    Make your chef happy with English, Spanish, Italian, French and German support.

Marra Forni Rotator Brick Oven TouchScreen Front View
  • Temperature Control

    Dial-in the exact temperature needed for consistent cooking every time.

  • Burners Control

    Turn on/off the right or left burners of your Rotator brick oven.

  • Rotation Control

    Speed up, slow down or change direction of the revolving deck to fit your liking to the exact second.

  • Manage Recipes

    Create new customized recipes and store them for anyone to use within your restaurant.

Integrated Ventilation

Marra Forni rotary pizza oven uses a forced air burner, which produces 100,000 BTUs at a high frame, and 70,000 BTUs at a low frame. The mixture of our materials and burner allows the temperature to withhold within 20 degrees of the set temperature that you may need.

The positioning of the burners hitting our refractory brick creates constant heat spots throughout the revolving deck of our ovens.

Marra Forni Rotating Pizza Oven Ventilation image

Client Testimonials

"I could feel their passion for pizza baking... The people at Marra Forni are my friends, they made me successful. I would not be where I’m at today if it was not for their brick pizza ovens. I say to anyone thinking of investing in a Marra Forni rotator, give me a call and come into Urban Bricks. Taste my product and tell me why they shouldn’t purchase one of these ovens."

Sammy Aldeeb

CEO of Urban Bricks

the best Rotating pizza oven review from Urban Bricks image

“With Marra Forni, you know you’re getting a quality piece of equipment, you know that it’s going to be durable, and you know it’s going to be consistent. They’re very good about their support in terms of their knowledge and imparting that into training you to get your business up and running. I knew it would be consistent, durable, and that it was going to give us a presentable look."

Philip Flath

Director of F&B Administration

F&B administration brick oven review image

“We knew that we would like to do house breads, naan, pitas, and breakfast pizzas, and in the future, we’d like to have the pizza available in room for our patients. Working with Marra Forni and using their rotator brick pizza oven has opened up a new realm of creativity for our chefs and patrons. Being able to serve fresh-to order items expeditiously has increased sales and interest in our dining room."

Adrian Ross

Supervisor at NSUH

Marra Forni rotating pizza review from NSUH image

“Marra Forni really knows how to bring Italian Hospitality to food-service equipment. When you make a deal with the Marra Forni team and purchase one of their ovens, you become a part of the Marra Forni circle. You come in a customer. You leave family.”

Stephen Lopane

Executive Chef of FLIK Hospitality

FLIK Hospitality commercial rotating pizza oven Review for marra forni image



More Than Just For Pizza!

The culinary possibilities with our ovens are truly endless. Here are just a few examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Rotating Pizza Ovens on Sale

Save big on commercial revolving pizza ovens! These slightly used commercial brick ovens are on sale, in stock, available for quick shipping, so you can start making delicious, authentic pizzas in no time. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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