Commercial pizza oven venting

Marra Forni’s direct ventilation system is customized based on site-specific requirements and is certified for use with wood, gas, coal, or electric fuel configurations.

Dual-Walled Conical Construction

Dual-Walled Conical Construction

Marra Forni Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Highest Pressure Rating

Highest Pressure Rating

Highest Temperature Rating

Highest Pressure Rating

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Integrated Pizza Oven Ventilation Systems​

Our dedicated venting specialists are available to work with your architect, contractor, or foodservice consultant to design the most efficient and cost-effective ventilation solution for your operation.  Featuring Marra Forni’s unique Integrated Internal Exhaust System, our ovens are simple to connect to a customized direct ventilation system dedicated to your oven. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that our systems are approved and certified to UL Standards regardless of the fuel or utility configuration.  Gas or electric models have the option to add a Fan Interlock Control to the MarraSmart digital control that ensures that the fan will automatically be activated whenever the oven is turned on for operation.

Plug and play ventilation
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Pizza Oven Exhaust Fan

The ExFan 100, 200, and 300 series exhaust fans are
UL-certified, designed, and manufactured for the commercial
foodservice industry’s most stringent quality standards;
ensuring optimal function, safety, and performance of all
Marra Forni gas, electric, and solid fuel-fired brick ovens.

Guaranteed Optimal Oven Performance

Over-exhausting or under-exhausting can negatively impact the performance and recovery of your oven, not to mention the speed of service and customer satisfaction. Ensure that your oven always operates at optimal performance levels by choosing a system designed to exhaust the right amount of CFM from the oven.  

Easy Cleanup and Maintenance

Cleaning and servicing your direct ventilation system has never been easier.  The ductwork system has the highest pressure rating in the industry and when assembled is completely sealed.  Built-in cleanouts and pre-designed elbows ensure correct slope and easy access to any required periodic maintenance

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No Fire Suppression Required

The sealed ductwork system has a limited lifetime warranty and the highest temperature fire rating in the industry and applicable UL certifications require no fire suppression due to the integrated exhaust system. 

Note that all ventilation is subject to local jurisdictional approval.

Powered Grease Exhaust Fan

UL Listed and made in heavy cast aluminum for easy opening, the Grease Fan was designed to provide a large exhaust volume at a high discharge velocity.

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Commercial electric oven

Electric Stackable

Available in 4 configurations and can be vertically stacked up to four decks in height.

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Marra Forni products that feature these logos meet rigorous standards for electrical safety and electromagnetic emissions. The acronyms are as follows:


UL: Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
CSA: Canadian Standards Association
ETL: Formerly ETL Testing Laboratories, now Intertek Testing Services
CE: Conformance European

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