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Let your oven cook the dough, not your mixer!

Commercial pizza dough mixers

Marra Forni pizza dough mixers offer excellent aeration and texture while yielding perfect dough elasticity. These commercial grade mixers are ideal for restaurants, pizzerias, confectioners, bakeries, and even home cooks. Available in Forked and Spiral configurations, our Spiral mixers also offer various flour capacity choices. Both mixers produce better gluten development due to a lack of heat, but spiral mixers cut your mixing time in half. 

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spiral mixer

Better known as a “multi-purpose” pizza mixer, these spiral dough mixers are available in 2 sizes, ranging from 38 kg (84 lbs.) to 60 kg (132 lbs.), and are the ideal dough mixer for commercial and non-commercial foodservice operations, including pizzerias, confectioneries and bakeries. Spiral Dough mixers reduce mixing time by half
compared to traditional fork mixers. And, they are able to mix a variety of dough types with varying levels of hydration, while minimizing heat resulting from friction during the mixing process allowing for better development in the dough.

Learn more about our spiral dough mixers by viewing the spec sheets:

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forked mixer

Designed specifically with pizza dough and bakery applications in mind, these commercial grade pizza mixers are available in 3 sizes, ranging from 35kg (77lbs) to 80kg (176lbs), and are the ideal solution for any foodservice operation that specializes in softer, higher-hydration dough production. The shape of the mixing bowl and the fork tool allows the dough to become oxygenated quickly without creating heat from the friction of the mixing process. The fork pizza mixer yields a final dough product that is superior in quality to that of other types of commercial pizza dough mixers by keeping the dough temperature lower, resulting in greater development of the dough.

Learn more about our commercial forked pizza mixers by viewing the spec sheets:

Pizza Mixers Overview

Forked Mixer Features

  • Stainless steel frame, bowl, fork, protection cover, and tool-holder shaft
  • Transparent polycarbonate-covered bowl for 25 to 35-kg models
  • Stainless grill for 60 to 80-kg models
  • Independent speed reducers for the bowl and fork
  • Rotating parts assembled on ball bearings
  • Complaint with European electric system and safety device regulations
  • One-year labor/parts warranty

Spiral Mixer Features

  • Stainless steel frame, bowl, fork, protection cover, and tool-holder shaft
  • Rotating parts assembled on ball bearings
  • Geared motor enabled chain drive system
  • Standard timer for 12 to 60kg models
  • Supplied wheels and brakes for 12 to 60-kg models
  • One-year labor/parts warranty
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