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The Right Tool For The Right Recipe

The perfect pizza is the result of the right ingredients, the right oven, and the right tools and accessories to get the job done!  All of Marra Forni’s quality brick oven cooking tools and accessories are designed to meet the specific needs and demands of our customers; from line cook to the chef, to artisan pizza maker; with durability, efficiency, and simplicity mind. Remember to think outside of the traditional “pizza box” and expand the bandwidth of your menu with the right tools and accessories.

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Aluminum Perforated Peels

Aluminum Loading/Unloading Peels

  • Perforated Rectangular, 14.5” with 59” handle –# MF.A-37RF
  • Perforated Rectangular 12.5” with 59” handle – # MF.A-32RF
  • Replacement Peel, 12.5”
  • Replacement Peel, 14.5”
  • Replacement Handle 38”
  • Replacement Handle 59”

Aluminum Turning Peels

  • Perforated Round 8” with 59” handle – #MF.120
  • Perforated Round 10” with 59” handle – #MF.126
  • Replacement Peel, 8”
  • Replacement Peel, 10″
  • Replacement Handle 38”
  • Replacement Handle 59″

Adjustable Copper Brush

Adjustable Brush

  • Adjustable brush, copper bristles with 59″ handle – #AK-D54
  • Wire cleaning brush, copper bristles with 59″ handle – #AC-SP

Replacement Brush Head

  • Replacement brush head, copper bristles – #SPAZ-01
  • Adjustable brush, copper bristles with 59″ handle – #PTL-06
  • Replacement Brush handle 59″

Pizza Peel Kit

Standard Peel Kit

  • Standard Peel kit – Part #TKBASIC
    (includes (1) loading peel, (1) brush, (1) unloading peel, (1) bubble popper)
  • The kit does NOT include double-sided dual stand

Deluxe Peel Kit

  • Deluxe Peel Kit – Part #TKPREMIUM
    (includes (2) loading peels, (2) unloading peels, (2) brushes, (2) bubble poppers, (1) Peel Stand)
  • Dual Sided Marble Base Stand (Supports tool length of up to 80″) – Part #MFPPC1618-G

Dough Trays & Dolleys

Dough Trays

  • Stackable plastic dough tray, (gray) – 24″ x 16″ x 3″-Part #MF.CPT-7D-G
    Available ONLY as a set of 6 Each
  • Lids for dough tray – Part #MF.HHTL

Dough Tray Dolley

  • Mobile dough tray trolley (steel) 17″ x 25″ – Part #MF.DTD-TRAYS
    Shown with Dough Tray, NOT included

Other Accessories

Wall Mounted Tool Rack

5-Slot Wall Mounted Tool Rack – Part #MFTOOLSPPC1618G

Pizza Tracker

Numbered Pizza Tracker (set of 20)

Dough Bubble Popper


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