What makes brick preferable to cement?

A refractory brick core, which is shipped to our warehouse from Naples, Italy gives the pizza the brick oven taste that everyone has come to love. To obtain this taste, you need a brick core, a cement core cannot imitate this. Also a brick core can hold a more consistent temperature than cement. It resists cracking more than cement.

Where is the oven made?

Every oven is made by hand to order here in our warehouse in the USA using proprietary core materials from Italy.

Where can the ovens be shipped?

We Ship Worldwide.

Can the oven be installed outdoors?

Yes! Our ovens work very well outdoors.

Do you offer gas conversions?

Yes! we do.

What are some applications for the oven?

The applications range from small (bars, residential) to large (small to large restaurants, resorts). Marra Forni can provide a solution for any size restaurant, residence, or resort.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes offer lease to buy options only.

What is the turnaround time for one of your ovens?

4-6 weeks for a static oven

6-8 weeks for a rotator oven.

What is the maximum cook temperature of the oven?

950° and pizza cooks in 60 seconds

What are the prices for the ovens?

The current pricing can be found by contacting info@marraforni.com

Can the ovens be finished in a custom title color?

All ovens come with the option of having standard tile color selection in Red, White, Black, etc…
Custom tile is also available but at additional cost. Click here for a quote.